Monday, December 20, 2010

Japan Trip 2010

There you go.. Just some street photos I took when I was in Narita.. Please enjoy.. and please visit my blog again, more coming next week.. Thank you and have a great week!

Hi Again !

Greetings everyone.. I'm back! I hope everyone is doing good..:) 2010 is reaching to its end.. 2011 coming, I've learned a lot particularly on year 2010.. I've experienced many ups and downs, never like this year.. I admit, it's so tough this year.. feeling kinda relief that it's going to end, though I know 2011 doesn't mean that everything's gonna be fine and rosy.. it's just that, it helps me psychologically and emotionally to have a new mindset and vibrations for 2011.. Lol.. okay enough!

By the way, like I mentioned on the previous post, today I'm going to post some photos I took in Japan.. However, the bad news is I won't upload everything at one go because I couldn't figure out how to compile everything in one album.. As such, I will keep on posting the photos I mentioned for my next future posts.. Enjoy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Japanese House

Hmmmmmmmmmm..... So nice.. I miss Japan so much :'( This photo was taken a year ago, my previous trip to Japan, not the recent ones.. I tried to find the feelings when I first time went to Japan.. Wait, I'm not saying the first trip was nicer than the recent one or in reverse.. neither of them is nicer or such things.. both were wonderful experience of mine.. Both feelings were very very affecting..

Actually, the town, the streets I went.. the places, houses I saw were more or less the same.. However, where goes the feeling I had last time..? It's a feeling, affection that I really can't describe with words.. I miss that feelings.. Most probably, I'll be missing the feelings of the recent and previous trip when I go again next time and it will go on and on like that.. Just thinking about it makes me become so appreciative of my every moment in life..

Anyway, the photo was taken at Takayama, Gifu prefecture.. A typical Japanese house.. Not so small, not so huge.. but very very very, extremely clean, neat and tidy.. usually with garden in the yard..

Notice : My blog will be inactive for a while.. I won't be posting any photos until my exam is over and after everything is back in order again.. I'll see you guys again in December, 20th, 2010.. I'll be posting a special post by then.. I'm compiling my recent Japan trip photos.. Thinking of compiling it into one album and upload it.. Will see how.. But I can guarantee, next post will be worth while.. Have a nice month.. And hope to see you again next month.. Anything.. Just send me e-mail - - Thank You Very Much and See Ya! Muah ^x^ LOL


Dry leaf.. LOL.. yeah, everyone can see.. everyone knows that right? XD


Yo everyone.. another Monday.. another busy week.. but I like it.. LOL.. Exam is coming very very soon.. Automatically means life will be a bit more hectic that it usually is (for a moment).. LOL.. But good.. after dark, there's always bright.. without darkness, I might not recognize what bright is.. I'm talking rubbish mate... haha.. ok, enough!

Anyway, photo was taken at Kuala Penyu.. a photo of a friend of mine, Elvina.. :D

Monday, November 15, 2010

Snowing In Gifu

Hmmm.. I miss Japan.. Just came back from there a week ago, but I'm missing Japan already:'( LOL.. You guys may find my photos becoming more boring.. hahaha.. maybe.. However, no worries.. I'm actually working on photos I caught in Japan recently.. Anyway, I never said this before but Thank You Very Much to whoever that always visit my blog.. And please continue to do so.. haha.. I need support from you all XP

Buffa LOL

It's a buffalo.. haha.. Took this photo at Kuala Penyu on our way to Tempurung Lodge..

Whatever It Is

Hello again everyone.. the first post for this week.. Photo was taken at Kuala Penyu.. I love this photo mainly because I love the combination of the brick wall and the colorful cloth clip.. lol

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mahua Waterfall

Went to Mahua waterfall few months ago with Ikhwan and someone we know.. lol.. The place was so beautiful.. The waterfall is located few hundred meters away from the entrance of the park... very nice:D Sorry, I don't talk much this time..:P Until next week. hopefully, I will have more idea what to talk next week.. XD

Hey! Get A Room

Post number 2 for this week... LOL XD... Took this at Kuala Penyu.. When I took this picture, they weren't distracted at all. Good guys, you guys did a great job.. lol XD


I'm home...:) Pretty tired though.. Had a wonderful trip in Japan.. took lots of photos, I'll share next time:) Don't feel like to talk a lot this time.. HAHA.. so there you go, my first post for this week.. took this at Sutera Harbor:)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Previous Header (Sutera Harbor)

Extra post.. haha.. Nothing new.. This is my previous header, I'm changing my header to a new ones.. And also I would like to inform that I won't be posting any photos next week until the 8th of November, 2010.. I'm off to Japan, that's why.. So, I hope my new header will cover that..:P Will take a lot of photos, wish me luck so that I can capture nice photos:) Till then, see you on the 8th November.. Wish you all have a nice day..:D


Was excited of getting a new zoom lens (Canon 55-250 mm IS) Yeah... not a great lens.. but i'm pretty satisfied with the performance and quality.. I am not too particular on lens quality, sharpness, noise, all those bloody things.. as long as the lens is not bad and I can utilize it., Iwould be happy enough. Photography is my hobby after all, not career:P So, this is a picture I took with my zoom lens at Tanjung Aru.. There you go.. LOL

Welcome To Physical Realm...

Hmm.. I don't know what title should I make for this photo. LOL.. As you can see in the picture above, my main focus was the baby. Although, I guess it isn't really so.. I was quite failed in focusing totally at the baby due to the crowd at that time and my lens doesn't have a large aperture.. However still, I like this photo:P


Hi again everyone.. it's Monday again.. And it is time for me to update the blog.. Time passes very very fast lately.. Is it because the time really went fast, or is it because I had too much things going on..? Is it just me or does anyone else is feeling the same way too..? Anyways, I'm having a good time as always.. Experiencing both good and bad and learn to give and take.. (Ki Choy is a boring person XD) Enough talking.. LOL.. Picture above was taken at a music school near Likas Sport Center, a year ago.. I've never knew they have music school there.. lol..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Reaching The Sky

Went to an outing a year ago with some photography club at Kuala Penyu and took this picture.. Seriously, this coconut tree is really tall.. LOL.. Alright, that's all for this week.. Have a nice week everyone:D

Appreciating The Nature

Taken during our UPC photo-shoot outing held months ago.. model is Quenie Ling, a friend of mine..:) I think everybody notice that, I'm don't post any fashion or glamor photos before.. Honestly, I'm really BAD in fashion photography or something like that.. I mean really really BAD.. I just do not have talent on that particular style.. But I'm going to learn, at the picture above was one of my attempt to learn:P

The Oldies But The Goodies

A 70's car made by a giant automobile company, Toyota.. This is Toyota Corolla E-20. I took this photo in Kuala Penyu at my aunt's house.. I'm aware that the color is weird.. I tried black & white and Sepia tone.. however it didn't turn out nice for this photo.. The color was originally messed up when I took the photo, due to overcast during that time.. So, I just modify a bit, here and there to make it nicer a bit.. I somehow love this photo, for some reason:P

Monday, October 11, 2010

People And Street

Photo was taken in Takayama Street, Japan.. I quite like the view from the lower angle of the staircase and so I took some photos of it just to feed my curiosity about how it'll look on my camera screen, and there you go... That's all for today, until next week:D

Leo Function Night

Photo was taken during Leo Club Installation Night last month (September).. We (Ikhwan, Jeremiah and me) were assigned to take photos of the event.. Managed to take few hundreds of photos.. Pretty tiring, however we really enjoyed the dinner..XD


Time to upload..:) Not going to talk that much this time.. haha.. This picture was taken at Tanjung Aru Beach 1, I think a year ago.. Went there to take some photos with Jeremiah..

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Autumn Leaf

You guessed it.. Maple Leaf..:) Photo was taken in Japan last year.. It was autumn at that time, so it is just normal to see these maple leaves during this season.. I miss autumn.. lol.. But it's okay because I'm going to Japan again soon which is this end of October and its autumn again..:D Will take many photos..:D


Spider... LOL.. I'm really really bad when it comes to create a title for something..XD Anyway, taken this photo a year ago at Kuala Penyu.. Macro lens? NO! I took this photo with my 40D and a kit lens (18-55 mm IS) which came together with the camera when I bought it.. I manipulated my 10.1 megapixels to do close-up which can be achieved by cropping.. However, I made sure not to lose too much details..

Another alternatives to do close-ups is actually by holding your lens at reverse position towards the camera.. this kind of attempt however is not so practical when it comes to moving objects.. The advantage of using this technique is that, you DO NOT have to crop and even if you do , maybe just a little bit for the purpose of adjusting the composition of your photo according to your preferred style WITHOUT affecting your camera pixels that much.. To conclude, less crop equals more details.. :D


Ikhwan, a very very very close friend of mine:D This photo was taken few months ago during UPC outing which was held opposite Suria Shopping Mall which was still under construction at that time.. This place if I'm not mistaken were once a post office, it's now a place where graffiti artists express their creativity by painting the remaining walls and pillars of the building..

As you can see, Ikhwan's holding his camera (Canon 1000D).. Actually, he wasn't into photography last time, but after few outings, he somehow got interested and bought a camera soon after that.. These days, he's pretty active in taking pictures during his leisure time and we now share the same obsession..XD

Please check his blog too :) -

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage Ride

As you can see in the picture, it is an old ride I saw at this hotel I stayed in Takayama, Japan called Grantia Route Inn Hotel and if you see the photo properly, it was actually snowing when I took this photo.. Anyway, this ride is still in a good condition and well maintained, and the hotel use this vehicle to provide transport for their customers to visit the town of Takayama:)


A silhouette photo I took at Sutera Harbor Resort, Kota Kinabalu...:)


This is a picture of Jeremiah and our friend whom we knew when we joined with some photography club last time.. We were at Likas Sports Center, Kota Kinabalu to watch some sport competition that was held for primary schools around Kota Kinabalu.. So, this is one of the moment I recorded when we were there..

Anyway, I would like to apologize for not updating my blog yesterday as usual.. Honestly, I didn't come back home yesterday because I had so many errands to attain and I didn't sleep at home last night.. Not enough with my busyness, now I got flu..:-S

Sorry again everyone...

Monday, September 20, 2010


This dove came to my house not so long ago, it seemed that the bird got a minor injury that it couldn't fly properly.. (I'm not so sure about that one :P) So, I kept it for a night and strangely, it didn't even try to fly out of my house.. That's when I got creative and thought of taking it's photo.. I took 2 blank sheets and place the dove on one of the sheets and the other sheet as the background.. lol.. This is the best shot among all shots of it.. I think:P I release the dove the next morning when I saw it got a bit more energetic than the previous day..:D

Anyway, just few days ago, we (Joanna, Cheryl and me) were questioning each other about the difference between dove and pigeon? And what are they called in Malay..? Lol.. It seemed that we couldn't get into conclusion on the difference between those two.. So, I searched through Google and found out that dove and pigeon is actually two different things.. However, they are both known as "merpati" in Malay.. Joanna, I hope this info help you solve the confusionXD


This is in Takayama, Japan.. And the band was participating some sort of celebration that was held at the town.

Jeremiah Again!

Lol... It's time to update my blog.. Anyway, In the picture is Jeremiah with his Canon 1000D:) Took this picture when we went to Kuala Penyu few months ago.

And I hereby would like to inform that this time, I'm not going to post 6 photos a week.. Because according to my "mentor" (Jeremiah) (blueekkXD haha), it's not so good to post many pictures at one time which I also agree on that one.. So, starting from now onward, I'm only to post 3 photos a week instead of 6.. which will be every Monday as usual:D

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mud Crawler

Yup! CRAB! haha.. This photo was taken in Kuala Penyu while waiting for the ferry to arrive from the other side of the town..

Night Life In Tokyo

This is some street of Tokyo, Japan.. This is a typical scenery that you can witness at night in Japan.. The streets are full of decorative lamps and it's full of people..

Street Life In Takayama 2

Takayama, Japan.. A very clean and tidy town.. Because of the discipline of the Japanese.. You will be shocked when you see their drain in Takayama, it looks exactly like a river.. the water is very clean and the current running steady.. very nice..:)


This is at Sawangan Jetty, Kuala Penyu.. Went there for photography trip with some photography club.. lol..

Japanese Made

I'm sorry, I really do not know what's the name of the car maker, however I'm pretty certain it's Japanese made.. Took this picture at the shore of lake Saiko, Japan..:)


8 lol.. Anyway, very very tired... Just went back from outstation for holiday.. It wasn't a relaxing holiday as I thought it would be.. so many things that I had to do.. and guess what? I still got plenty of things that has to be done... :-S This year is very hectic for me.. Time is getting faster, that I couldn't catch up.. So many things happened both good and bad.. I went through so many ups and downs particularly this year.. I'm tired but somehow I feel the thrill of life and I'm grateful.. Phew, enough with my babbling.. lol..XD

Monday, September 6, 2010

Flower Among The Grass

Saw this fallen flower on the ground when I went to Shangri-La Beach Hotel in Tanjung Aru.. It caught my eyes and dominated my attraction as it was the only unique thing I saw on the ground which was covered with none but grass.


Hmm... I wonder what's the bird was thinking, and it's facing the sea some more which looks kinda sad and scary at the same time.. lol.. Like it's going to suicide of give up life or something like thatXD Taken this in Tanjung Aru, the same day I took the picture titled "Tip Toe" which you can find from this blog too.

Hikaru Museum

This was taken at one of the prestigious museum in Japan, which is located in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture. If I'm not mistaken, this floor resembles the Mayan Ancient Calendar, I think:P It's located few meters away from the museum front. Of course, I took picture of the museum too, however, i decided to post only the floor from the area because I think it's nice.. lol

My Territory

The same day when I took a picture of an ant (which u can find in this blog as you scroll down), I saw this spider down the table and just took a shot of it:)

Vintage Bicycle

A close up photo of an old bicycle I saw when I was roaming the town of Takayama, Japan:)

Saiko (West Lake)

This is Saiko or in English is West Lake, Japan. Saiko is one of the five lakes that are around the radius of the Fuji Mountain. During our tour to Japan, as planned in our tour package we were required to put a night at a hotel which was really close by the lake before we proceed to our next destination the next day. I took the opportunity to look around the lake and capture some shots and up there is one of it..

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ginkgo Leaves

Some Ginkgo Leaves I took at Takayama, Japan..:) For those who do not know about this fact, let me explain.. Ginkgo leaves, Maples Leaves any other leaves are all originally green in color. However, it'll turn into nice colors like yellow or red or etc. during autumn because it doesn't catch or received enough light from the sun.. The worst time for them is winter, that's when all leaves will fall.. That's as far as I know, like explained by our tour guide..

Fuji STX-2

An old camera, film camera by Fuji.. it's STX-2.. belongs to a friend of mine.. This shot was taken at Sutera Harbor

Tip Toe

My mom, my cousin, Jeremiah and me went to Tanjung Aru the other day.. We were sending my cousin to the airport and so before that, we chill out for a while at the Tanjung Aru Beach.. Like usual me and Jeremiah took out our camera and shoot.. lol.. That's when I saw this bird, thanks to the help of my lens Canon 55-250 mm IS, I was able to make a close up on the bird.. And luckily again, just like the Lizard photo previously.. the bird looked directly at me which make this photo even nicer:) I think. lol..


I love this one very muchT_T Yup, taken this photo in Takayama Town, Japan.. There was a morning market and it was so crowded.. people keep coming in and out.. And when I saw those seniors on the way, they caught my eye very much, that forced me to take their picture.. So, here it is:D Some said, it looks like a picture from the 60's, I kinda think it's true, because of the cloth they're wearing.. lol.. Anyway, Japan is nice:D


A daughter of someone I know.. He was one of a photography club member that I joined last time.. We were having outing at Tanjung Aru and he brought his daughter along.. So, I took a chance to take some shots of her. I hope the father do not get mad or something, that I post her daughter's picture on my blog:P


Milo everyone:D lol.. An old photos I found in my hard drive.. Took this at City Mall when Cheryl, Jeremiah and me went there for a drink a year ago (I guess).. lol.. Isn't the picture makes you feel thirsty? HAHA..