Monday, January 17, 2011

Japan Trip 2010 (No.2)

These are the pictures taken in Japan on 2010.. The first photo is a bicycle, it looks like a penny-farthing because the wheel at the back is smaller then the front one.. Unique right?

The second photo is a stairway inside a Shinto Temple at Narita-san, Japan.. As you can see, there's a sweeper who keeps the stairs clean..

The third photo was taken somewhere in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture.. Looks like his waiting for something.. lol.. Please enjoy the photos.. until next week.. See Ya!

Happy New Year !

A Very Happy New Year to everyone.. I am very sorry for not posting for few weeks already.. I couldn't connect to the internet for few weeks and I had so many things to deal with lately.. Just got my new ride.. Old car but new for me.. LOL I'll post the photo when I got a nice photo of it.. Been so very busy lately.. So, today I'm going to continue the post for my Japan Trip as promised.. Again Happy New Year 2011 to everyone.. I hope and pray all of us will have a healthy, harmony and prosperous year this year..

Monday, December 20, 2010

Japan Trip 2010

There you go.. Just some street photos I took when I was in Narita.. Please enjoy.. and please visit my blog again, more coming next week.. Thank you and have a great week!

Hi Again !

Greetings everyone.. I'm back! I hope everyone is doing good..:) 2010 is reaching to its end.. 2011 coming, I've learned a lot particularly on year 2010.. I've experienced many ups and downs, never like this year.. I admit, it's so tough this year.. feeling kinda relief that it's going to end, though I know 2011 doesn't mean that everything's gonna be fine and rosy.. it's just that, it helps me psychologically and emotionally to have a new mindset and vibrations for 2011.. Lol.. okay enough!

By the way, like I mentioned on the previous post, today I'm going to post some photos I took in Japan.. However, the bad news is I won't upload everything at one go because I couldn't figure out how to compile everything in one album.. As such, I will keep on posting the photos I mentioned for my next future posts.. Enjoy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Japanese House

Hmmmmmmmmmm..... So nice.. I miss Japan so much :'( This photo was taken a year ago, my previous trip to Japan, not the recent ones.. I tried to find the feelings when I first time went to Japan.. Wait, I'm not saying the first trip was nicer than the recent one or in reverse.. neither of them is nicer or such things.. both were wonderful experience of mine.. Both feelings were very very affecting..

Actually, the town, the streets I went.. the places, houses I saw were more or less the same.. However, where goes the feeling I had last time..? It's a feeling, affection that I really can't describe with words.. I miss that feelings.. Most probably, I'll be missing the feelings of the recent and previous trip when I go again next time and it will go on and on like that.. Just thinking about it makes me become so appreciative of my every moment in life..

Anyway, the photo was taken at Takayama, Gifu prefecture.. A typical Japanese house.. Not so small, not so huge.. but very very very, extremely clean, neat and tidy.. usually with garden in the yard..

Notice : My blog will be inactive for a while.. I won't be posting any photos until my exam is over and after everything is back in order again.. I'll see you guys again in December, 20th, 2010.. I'll be posting a special post by then.. I'm compiling my recent Japan trip photos.. Thinking of compiling it into one album and upload it.. Will see how.. But I can guarantee, next post will be worth while.. Have a nice month.. And hope to see you again next month.. Anything.. Just send me e-mail - - Thank You Very Much and See Ya! Muah ^x^ LOL


Dry leaf.. LOL.. yeah, everyone can see.. everyone knows that right? XD


Yo everyone.. another Monday.. another busy week.. but I like it.. LOL.. Exam is coming very very soon.. Automatically means life will be a bit more hectic that it usually is (for a moment).. LOL.. But good.. after dark, there's always bright.. without darkness, I might not recognize what bright is.. I'm talking rubbish mate... haha.. ok, enough!

Anyway, photo was taken at Kuala Penyu.. a photo of a friend of mine, Elvina.. :D