Monday, October 25, 2010

Previous Header (Sutera Harbor)

Extra post.. haha.. Nothing new.. This is my previous header, I'm changing my header to a new ones.. And also I would like to inform that I won't be posting any photos next week until the 8th of November, 2010.. I'm off to Japan, that's why.. So, I hope my new header will cover that..:P Will take a lot of photos, wish me luck so that I can capture nice photos:) Till then, see you on the 8th November.. Wish you all have a nice day..:D


Was excited of getting a new zoom lens (Canon 55-250 mm IS) Yeah... not a great lens.. but i'm pretty satisfied with the performance and quality.. I am not too particular on lens quality, sharpness, noise, all those bloody things.. as long as the lens is not bad and I can utilize it., Iwould be happy enough. Photography is my hobby after all, not career:P So, this is a picture I took with my zoom lens at Tanjung Aru.. There you go.. LOL

Welcome To Physical Realm...

Hmm.. I don't know what title should I make for this photo. LOL.. As you can see in the picture above, my main focus was the baby. Although, I guess it isn't really so.. I was quite failed in focusing totally at the baby due to the crowd at that time and my lens doesn't have a large aperture.. However still, I like this photo:P


Hi again everyone.. it's Monday again.. And it is time for me to update the blog.. Time passes very very fast lately.. Is it because the time really went fast, or is it because I had too much things going on..? Is it just me or does anyone else is feeling the same way too..? Anyways, I'm having a good time as always.. Experiencing both good and bad and learn to give and take.. (Ki Choy is a boring person XD) Enough talking.. LOL.. Picture above was taken at a music school near Likas Sport Center, a year ago.. I've never knew they have music school there.. lol..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Reaching The Sky

Went to an outing a year ago with some photography club at Kuala Penyu and took this picture.. Seriously, this coconut tree is really tall.. LOL.. Alright, that's all for this week.. Have a nice week everyone:D

Appreciating The Nature

Taken during our UPC photo-shoot outing held months ago.. model is Quenie Ling, a friend of mine..:) I think everybody notice that, I'm don't post any fashion or glamor photos before.. Honestly, I'm really BAD in fashion photography or something like that.. I mean really really BAD.. I just do not have talent on that particular style.. But I'm going to learn, at the picture above was one of my attempt to learn:P

The Oldies But The Goodies

A 70's car made by a giant automobile company, Toyota.. This is Toyota Corolla E-20. I took this photo in Kuala Penyu at my aunt's house.. I'm aware that the color is weird.. I tried black & white and Sepia tone.. however it didn't turn out nice for this photo.. The color was originally messed up when I took the photo, due to overcast during that time.. So, I just modify a bit, here and there to make it nicer a bit.. I somehow love this photo, for some reason:P

Monday, October 11, 2010

People And Street

Photo was taken in Takayama Street, Japan.. I quite like the view from the lower angle of the staircase and so I took some photos of it just to feed my curiosity about how it'll look on my camera screen, and there you go... That's all for today, until next week:D

Leo Function Night

Photo was taken during Leo Club Installation Night last month (September).. We (Ikhwan, Jeremiah and me) were assigned to take photos of the event.. Managed to take few hundreds of photos.. Pretty tiring, however we really enjoyed the dinner..XD


Time to upload..:) Not going to talk that much this time.. haha.. This picture was taken at Tanjung Aru Beach 1, I think a year ago.. Went there to take some photos with Jeremiah..

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Autumn Leaf

You guessed it.. Maple Leaf..:) Photo was taken in Japan last year.. It was autumn at that time, so it is just normal to see these maple leaves during this season.. I miss autumn.. lol.. But it's okay because I'm going to Japan again soon which is this end of October and its autumn again..:D Will take many photos..:D


Spider... LOL.. I'm really really bad when it comes to create a title for something..XD Anyway, taken this photo a year ago at Kuala Penyu.. Macro lens? NO! I took this photo with my 40D and a kit lens (18-55 mm IS) which came together with the camera when I bought it.. I manipulated my 10.1 megapixels to do close-up which can be achieved by cropping.. However, I made sure not to lose too much details..

Another alternatives to do close-ups is actually by holding your lens at reverse position towards the camera.. this kind of attempt however is not so practical when it comes to moving objects.. The advantage of using this technique is that, you DO NOT have to crop and even if you do , maybe just a little bit for the purpose of adjusting the composition of your photo according to your preferred style WITHOUT affecting your camera pixels that much.. To conclude, less crop equals more details.. :D


Ikhwan, a very very very close friend of mine:D This photo was taken few months ago during UPC outing which was held opposite Suria Shopping Mall which was still under construction at that time.. This place if I'm not mistaken were once a post office, it's now a place where graffiti artists express their creativity by painting the remaining walls and pillars of the building..

As you can see, Ikhwan's holding his camera (Canon 1000D).. Actually, he wasn't into photography last time, but after few outings, he somehow got interested and bought a camera soon after that.. These days, he's pretty active in taking pictures during his leisure time and we now share the same obsession..XD

Please check his blog too :) -