Monday, August 30, 2010

Ginkgo Leaves

Some Ginkgo Leaves I took at Takayama, Japan..:) For those who do not know about this fact, let me explain.. Ginkgo leaves, Maples Leaves any other leaves are all originally green in color. However, it'll turn into nice colors like yellow or red or etc. during autumn because it doesn't catch or received enough light from the sun.. The worst time for them is winter, that's when all leaves will fall.. That's as far as I know, like explained by our tour guide..

Fuji STX-2

An old camera, film camera by Fuji.. it's STX-2.. belongs to a friend of mine.. This shot was taken at Sutera Harbor

Tip Toe

My mom, my cousin, Jeremiah and me went to Tanjung Aru the other day.. We were sending my cousin to the airport and so before that, we chill out for a while at the Tanjung Aru Beach.. Like usual me and Jeremiah took out our camera and shoot.. lol.. That's when I saw this bird, thanks to the help of my lens Canon 55-250 mm IS, I was able to make a close up on the bird.. And luckily again, just like the Lizard photo previously.. the bird looked directly at me which make this photo even nicer:) I think. lol..


I love this one very muchT_T Yup, taken this photo in Takayama Town, Japan.. There was a morning market and it was so crowded.. people keep coming in and out.. And when I saw those seniors on the way, they caught my eye very much, that forced me to take their picture.. So, here it is:D Some said, it looks like a picture from the 60's, I kinda think it's true, because of the cloth they're wearing.. lol.. Anyway, Japan is nice:D


A daughter of someone I know.. He was one of a photography club member that I joined last time.. We were having outing at Tanjung Aru and he brought his daughter along.. So, I took a chance to take some shots of her. I hope the father do not get mad or something, that I post her daughter's picture on my blog:P


Milo everyone:D lol.. An old photos I found in my hard drive.. Took this at City Mall when Cheryl, Jeremiah and me went there for a drink a year ago (I guess).. lol.. Isn't the picture makes you feel thirsty? HAHA..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lizard's Stare

Took this with my Canon 55-250 mm IS. I was actually taking a picture of crabs and this is when I saw this lizard. It went towards a muddy area where I stood and with the help of my zoom lens, I manage to get a shot of it. I was so lucky to get a shot of it when it was looking directly at me. If not, I believe this photo would be very boring.

Street Of Tokyo

Yup, this is in Tokyo, Japan. We were heading to Narita Airport on a coach. So I took a back seat and get as many shots I can get as we across along so many streets of Tokyo. This is one of them, more coming next time:)

Bruce Lee? LOL!

HAHAHAHAHA... that person is meXD We (UPC) had an outing last time at Yayasan Sabah and during that time, some of the members was asking me to do some flying kick for them to capture. And it was depressing because they asked me to do so many times so that they get a right shot. LOL.

This photo taken by Jeremiah by using my camera, because he was so crazy with my 40D's 6.5 fps. I cropped and edited the photo by myself:)


Taken this photo a year ago during our trip to Kuala Penyu. We went to a beach area and there was some sort of abandon warehouse. So, we asked one of our friends to go inside there and do some pose. LOL!

Going Up!

Not so long ago, Unirazak Photography Club held it's trip to Kuala Penyu, about 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. As we were roaming around Kuala Penyu area. On the way, we saw a military chopper on its way to ascend, we were guessing that they were doing some training or something. The place where we saw this helicopter used to be a small airstrip for small planes previously, but apparently been taken over by military.

They were doing 2 kinds of ascending, first, they ascended by accelerating along the airstrip, and their second attempt was by ascending vertically which they depends on the blades.

Anyway, I'm well aware of my mistake here for freezing the chopper's blades. I was in a rush of getting a shot of the chopper, that I was so preoccupied to mind about the settings of my camera.


A year ago, we had an outing to Tanjung Aru for photoshoot. This is what I got during that day. the person is my friend, Wilson. I asked him to do some pose and I purposely made it silhouette to emphasize the sunset.

Monday, August 16, 2010


So, this is Jeremiah . Super Duper best friend of mine, my sworn brother after IkhwanXP This fellow has always been there for me. We also share our interest in photography and he assist me a lot on my photography . Even this blog itself was made with the help of him. I owe him a lot, so I have to give credit to him, make him proud. hahaha... Anyway, this photo taken at our college, Unitar. The college is going to move soon, So I'm happy that at least I captured some memories of it:) Thanks Jeremy:)

- -

Deco Rack

This is at the Chan's residence, Jeremiah's house. I always come to his house whenever I feel bored or sober and we would have fun chit chatting, play games or do our photography stuff. And auntie Rosie (Jeremiah's mom) even offer me to have a meal with them some times:D So, every time I went to their kitchen, my eyes are always attracted to this display rack and so one day I took a shot of it. I really love this photo that makes me think I must post this in my Blog.

Cycling Back Home

Bicycle, you can find it everywhere all over Japan. The Japanese have this discipline where, they will not use their car to their destination if it's only around the corner. First, they do not want to contribute to traffic jam. Secondly, they do not want to contribute to air pollution. Thirdly, they want to stay healthy by cycling their bicycles instead of only hitting the clutch and shifting up gears. The Japanese even walk to their workplace. It's a country of discipline, that's what I've been told and I can say it's entirely correct especially in the rural areas like Takayama for example. This photo taken in Takayama, Japan:)

My Aunt

A picture of my auntie taken at my grandma's house:) I made it monochrome just because it looks more interesting compared to it with colors.


This is taken in Hirayu, somewhere in Gifu prefecture, Japan. As you can see, there's a bit of snow on the roof and on the pavement. It's being melted by the morning sunshine. Actually it was autumn, our tour guide kept telling us that we were very very lucky, because it is rare to have snow in the midst of autumn. Well, I thank God for answering my prayers. Because, honestly deep in my heart, I was praying all the time to be permitted to experience, to touch, to feel the snow in real life. Trust me, for those who not yet experience snow, you have to try it yourself. I can't really describe the feelings but what I can tell you that, it was so romantic when the snow reaches and touches your skin. I bragged too much about the snowXD I love this photo because of the sunshine and the flare.


I'm exaggerating the title.. XP It was somewhere in the yard of my grandma's house, I saw a troop of ants climbing up a table while carrying foods. The ant was alone when I saw it, I think he's being punished for not doing his job or if not, maybe he's the supervisor or something like that. LOL..XD Anyway, took this with only my Canon 18-55 mm IS, because some thought I took this by using a macro lens. NOPE! It's 18-55 mm.. everything was a joke just now, except for this one:) I just fully utilized my Canon 40D's 10.1 megapixels. However, I only cropped a bit as to ensure that I don't lose too many details. I was just lucky to be able to do a real close up by using manual focus when I took this photo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Australian!

There was a ceremonial event at a Shinto Shrine in Takayama, Japan. Many people from many countries participated the ceremony. And the picture shows an Australian who participated the event. He carries his country's flag and really proud of it:D


I'm not really sure whether he's a boatman or trawlermen. lol. I think he's a boatman because I saw him fetching a person from a jetty. This is at Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu. The sun was about to set at that time. So, I tried my best to make use of the lighting from the sun.


Very cute, isn't it? Captured this photo when I went to my grandmother's house.


Looks like Ramadhan is coming soon. So happy Ramadhan to all muslims:D Taken this photo on last Ramadhan on 2009. Oh, and the lamp symbolize Ramadhan and usually used when the Ramadhan is about to over. However, sadly in Sabah today, the use of this lamp is getting lesser because the price of kerosene today is overwhelmingly high compared to last time:-s


Took this picture at my auntie's house in Kuala Penyu. I think the kids do not want to play the ball anymore, and that's why they left it at the back of their house, and not cleaned some more. lol.


I think it's understood that the shadow is myself. lol. A year ago (2009), our Uni held a sports day at Donggongon Sport Center, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. At that time, our photography club given a task from to capture as many moments as possible from the event. So, I was playing around with my camera during the whole event and my shadow is one of pictures I captured. I like the way it combine with the numbers on the track.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Morning Mist

Went to Kundasang few months ago with my parents. We stayed overnight at a chalet called "Rose Cabin" or something like that. I actually went there for quite few times already, however only on that day I had known that the resort have a hidden park at the back yard of it's compound. I went to the park alone the next morning and saw a hut. I approached the hut and saw mists every where on the grass near the hut. And so I take few shots of it:)

Bird Of Prey

Ikhwan, Jeremiah, my parents and myself went to Kuala Penyu a month ago to book a chalet for our uni photography club activity. We were so thirsty after running here and there looking for good chalet, so we dropped by a food stall and have a drink. Suddenly, my dad called me and pointed at the bird. I quickly grabbed my camera with my 55-250 mm and shoot few shots.

Freezing The Moment

Our UPC (Unitar Photography Club) went for a photoshoot on March, 2010. Credit to Mahira, our club manager who brought many props for the shoot. The clock was one of the prop.

Intense Stare

This boy is actually a son of our worker in Kuala Penyu. The weather was actually very hot that made him frown like that, or is it because he don't really like the fact that I took his picture? LOL.. But thank him, he gave me a nice and intense stare.

Kuala Penyu Old Shop Lot

This shop lot if I'm not mistaken is there since early 60's and it's still standing... Taken in 2009, the shop still exist now:)

Shell In Kota Marudu

Photo was taken in 2009 at Kota Marudu, Sabah... As I was roaming the Kota Marudu town, I was quite attracted to this gas station when I saw it , and so I took a shot of it:)