Friday, July 30, 2010

Shinto Shrine

Japan againXD also in Takayama.. We visited a Shinto Shrine which was full of visitors from other countries at that time. I actually have more photos of the shrine and the area but I decided to upload it next time when I feel I want. lol. For now let's just enjoy the entrance of the shrineXD

Appreciating The Fall Season

Again, this was taken in Japan. This is at Takayama, a rural site of Japan located in Gifu prefecture. At that time, we were actually checking out some roadside shops and I saw my dad standing next to the maple tree while gazing at the other side of town. I find it was interesting, so I took a shot...

Autumn Breeze

It was Autumn when I went to Japan, I couldn't refrain myself from taking pictures of the maple trees since it is the symbol of autumn. lol. The boy is my friend, Ray.. Credit to him for the nice facial expression, it really suits the mood of this photo...

Street Of Tokyo

I went to Japan on November, 2009 along with my parents and some friends. We visited many prefecture of Japan including the Kanto region, Tokyo. The streets in Tokyo are seriously nice and clean, I took few shots of them and this photo is one of my favorites...


This photo was taken on 8th May, 2010 when my friend (Ikhwan) and I went to Tambunan during our semester holiday:)

Life In The Village

This photo of my grandmother was taken at Kunak, Sabah on the 24th May, 2009... I like the photo, so I just upload it anyway:P

I'm Back!

Hi... it's been a long time since I updated... I'm now at Jeremiah's house, he's helping me with my blog... I really have A LOT of photos to be uploaded that I 'm not even sure which to post first... As such, I will just upload anything I feel like.

Above photo was taken at the KKIA, 23rd August, 2009 8:11 p.m... We went there to capture some photos of the airport which was just completed it's renovation at that time... The car belongs to a friend of mine. I took several shots of it and this is my favorite one:)